Baraka Fish Farm

“A sustainable, long term approach to funding education and empowering students.”

neukarteRedhill Baraka School (RBS) is a primary school located in the small village of Gachie,  on the outskirts of Nairobi, Kenya. Currently 160 students attend RBS, half of which are orphaned children whose attendance relies entirely on scholarships. Seven years ago, funding for the school was withdrawn and the school was on the verge of collapse. Orphans were stranded at the school with nowhere else to go. Fortunately through community action and a mind-set of resilience, teachers, staff and other volunteers came together and decided to save the school. Throughout the last few years, this dedicated team have brought the school back on track by giving it a make-over, buying a school bus, and earning part of their needed funds by raising ducks, goats, chickens, rabbits, and banana trees.

In collaboration with the staff of the school, we are now aspiring to make the school completely self-sufficient in running costs while also being able to provide free education and food to orphaned children from the area. Our goal is to establish a fish farm raising Tilapia for commercial sale in local markets to generate enough revenue to make the fish farm profitable and the school self-sufficient. The Fish Farm will first consist of one Tiliapia pond. When the construction succeeds, a second pond will follow, which will allow for an increased revenue and the possibility to produce more fish throughout the year. The Fish Farm will be situated in Eldoret which is an approximate 3 hours drive from Nairobi.


After having conducted a needs assessment, the first Enactus Fish Farm team raised €10,148 euros for the initial setup and operating costs of the pond. With this money, RBS was able to take the first steps in setting up the first pond in the professional fish farm. The land was rented and fenced, and an employee, Kalistas, with previous experience in fish farming, had been hired and placed on site. A house was built to accommodate him, as he was working here full time. Through the help of a Kenyan government initiative, the rural electrification program, the power installation on site was also realised. Thus, the first pond was The first pond was up and running in Fall 2015, and the aim was to have the first harvest in December 2015. The fish pond is illustrated in the following pictures:

DSC_0155      DSC_0151

Unfortunately, a very strong storm occurred in Kenya at the end of 2015, which led to the complete destruction of the fish pond. This was devastating news for both our team and the school, which had high expectations of this new installation. However, we, the new Enactus team in charge of the project have decided not to give up, and we now working hard for the construction of a new, stronger pond.

Straight after the storm, ENACTUS UCU began to search for funds in order to rebuild the fishfarm. Currently, we are in the process of receiving the funds in order to to rebuild a new structure and replenish the Tilapia fish stock.



If you wish to help “Project Fish Farm” and Redhill Baraka School in completing and ensuring a sustainable project, please donate. The money will in turn be invested in the project and its success. And if you have any suggestions, improvements or ideas, please contact us at


check out more photos of the project here.

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